An update on the nature and scope of elder abuse


Author(s)Anetzberger, Georgia J.
Title An update on the nature and scope of elder abuse
Source Generations,Fall 2012, Vol 36. No 3, pp 12-20
Date 2012
Document type Journal article
Summary This article examines selected studies of elder abuse published after 2000. A persistent problem for researchers is finding an accepted definition of elder abuse and it is noted that there has been a tendency to continually expand the concept of elder abuse. A large amount of research has been recently conducted on elder abuse and incidence that shows elder abuse to be a problem that may be twice as large as previously thought. Research has also examined risk factors for abuse and the factors receiving the most support among researchers include a lack of social support for the victim; social isolation; perpetrator substance abuse; poor behaviour on the part of the victim as perceived by the perpetrator; and poor or declining health or functional capacity of the victim. In the past decade it is recognised by the author that research on the consequences of elder abuse has improved in methodology, but has narrowed in focus, with most studies concentrating on mortality or economic loss. Little attention has been given to emotional, behavioural, social or other physical effects of abuse.
Keywords Elder abuse; taxonomy; prevalence; risk factors; consequences
Topic Elder abuse