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​Perspectives on the etiology of violence in later life

Author(s) Mysyuk, Yuliya, Rudi G.J. Westerndorp and Jolanda Lindenberg
Title Perspectives on the etiology of violence in later life
Source Journal of Interpersonal Violence, Published online before print May 2015, pp. 1-24
Date 2015
Document type Journal article
CoverageThe Netherlands
Summary The aim of this study is to develop a conceptual framework for explaining the etiology of violence in later life. A qualitative study on the meaning, perceptions, ideas and views on elder abuse was conducted among older persons, service providers and experts, using semi-structured interviews and focus groups. A number of key concepts were identified by the participants as playing a role in the etiology of violence in later life: dependency, vulnerability, social isolation, stress and burden, power and control, and the history of violence. These concepts have interrelationships, resulting in a complex etiology. For example, dependency and vulnerability are linked together with their occurrence influencing each other while at the same time complementing each other. Findings on the role of a history of violence were found to be equivocal. Most of the participants, particularly from academia felt that elder abuse mostly occurred without a history of violence but some participants suggested that elder abuse may occur due to a previous history of family violence.
Keywords Elder abuse; causes; vulnerability; dependency; older persons
Topic Elder abuse