​Financial abuse of older people: a case study

Author(s) Wendt, Sarah, Dale Bagshaw, Lana Zannettino and Valerie Adams
Title Financial abuse of older people: a case study
Source International Social Work; 2015, Vol. 58, No.2, p 287-296
Date 2015
Document type Journal article
CoverageSouth Australia
Summary This article discusses the complexities of financial abuse of older people by their family members, using a case study drawn from participants in a South Australian phone-in in 2010.  In this case study a daughter called to discuss the experiences of her elderly parents, over 85 years of age, living in a nursing home in a rural area and the actions of her brother which included the bullying of her parents to give him the farming properties. In the case study the risk factors for vulnerability to financial abuse from the son were identified, such as the dependency on the son for care and the son's sense of entitlement. The detailed case study shows that financial abuse of older people is more complex and multidimensional than prevalence and risk factor studies alone can demonstrate. It is suggested that the complexity and context-specific dimensions of financial abuse by family members contributes to the difficulties older people may have in naming it as abuse and social care professionals in defining it and determining when and how it is occurring.
Keywords Elder abuse; help-seeking; case study; family members; financial abuse; older people
Topic Elder abuse