​Elder abuse in a developing area in Bolivia

Author(s) Carmona-Torres, Juan Manuel, Pablo Jesus Lopez-Soto, Ana Isabel Coimbra-Roca, Ruth Mary Galvez-Rioja, Thomas Goergen, and M Aurora Rodriguez-Borrego
Title Elder abuse in a developing area in Bolivia
Source Journal of Interpersonal Violence, Online before print Oct 2015; p1-18
Date 2015
Document type Journal article
Coverage Bolivia
Summary The objective of this study was to examine the prevalence and form of abuse of elderly people in Bolivia. Participants in the study were 210 people aged 60 years and above who belonged to the Health Insurance for Elderly Care of Santa Cruz de la Sierra, in Bolivia. A number of instruments were used to measure the variables, including the Elder Abuse Suspicion Index, and the Autonomy Test of Activities of Daily Living and a range of independent variables were measured such as age, sex, married status and living arrangements. It was found that in the last year 39% of the participants had suspicion of abuse and of these 32.4% were psychological abuse, followed by neglect, physical abuse and economic abuse. Most victims (66.7%) identified their children as abusers and most victims were women. The authors recommend further research on the prevalence of elder abuse and its consequences on the health of the victims in developing countries.
Keywords Elder abuse; developing countries; domestic violence; community violence
Topic Elder abuse