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​Abuses against older women: prevalence and health effects

Author(s) Fisher, Bonnie S., Therese Zink, and Saundra L. Regan
Title Abuses against older women: prevalence and health effects
Source Journal of Interpersonal Violence; January 2011; Vol 26, No. 2, p 254-268
Date 2011
Document type Journal article
Summary This study examined abuse experienced by women since the age of 55 years: the types of abuse that co-occurred and the relationships between abuse and general health. For the study, 1784 women aged 55 years and older were interviewed by telephone and nearly half reported at least one type of abuse since turning 55. Of these, a substantial percentage, 45%, experienced psychological/emotional abuse. It was found that older women who were abused were significantly more likely to self-report more health conditions than women who were not abused. It was found that for those women experiencing abuse there is a high likelihood they are experiencing different types of abuse, even if the woman only admits experiencing one type of abuse. Recommendations are made for health care professionals to routinely screen for abuse in older women, particularly psychological/emotional abuse as it often co-occurs with more severe forms of abuse.
Keywords Elder abuse; help-seeking; domestic violence; older victims; co-occurring abuse; psychological abuse
Topic Elder abuse