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The police reporting behavior of intimate partner violence victims

Author(s) Akers, Caroline and Catherine Kaukinen
Title The police reporting behavior of intimate partner violence victims
Source Journal of Family Violence, April 2009, Vol. 24, Issue 3, pp 159-171
Date 2009
Document type Journal article
Coverage Canada
Summary This study examines the impact of demographic and other factors relating to the incident, on the likelihood of victims of intimate partner violence reporting the abuse to the police. The authors examined data from the 1999 Canadian General Social Survey, Victimization. This survey collected detailed information about victimisation by a spouse in the preceding 12 months and victimisation within the last five years. A number of variables were used for multivariate analyses, including incident-specific variables such as injury, abuser�s alcohol consumption, children witnessing the violence and demographic variables, including, age, socio-economic status and living in urban areas. It was found that as the age of the victim increased the likelihood of reporting to police increased but over time this effect was reduced. A significant finding was that women with children at home were more likely to call the police and if the children witnessed the violence, the women were even more likely to report to police. The authors discuss in detail the implications of their research for social, policy and criminal justice issues.
Keywords Intimate partner violence; reporting; victimisation
Topic Domestic violence