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A case study of community-based responses to rural woman battering


Author(s) Van Hightower, Nikki R. and Joe Gorton
Title A case study of community-based responses to rural woman battering
Source Violence Against Women,July 2002, Vol 8, No. 7, pp 845-872
Document type Journal article
Coverage USA

This study explored community-based interventions on behalf of battered women residing in a rural Texas county. Interviews were conducted with domestic violence victims, criminal justice officials and local service providers. Families were found to be an important source of assistance and victims used few community services other than criminal justice interventions. All of the community service interviewees believed that they and their agencies had a responsibility to assist battered women but in most cases the agencies played a passive role in delivering services. The authors suggest that the passive role of community service providers may be partly explained by their lack of training in intimate partner violence. The victims' experiences with the office of the local district attorney revealed that they needed to be better informed about the status of their cases and they also wanted charges against their abusers to reflect the severity of the crime. It was noted that victims had access to few community services and the nearest refuge was in a neighbouring county.

Keywords Domestic violence; battered women; rural services; criminal justice interventions; community services

Domestic violence