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Conjoint interventions for adult victims and children of domestic violence: A program evaluation


Author(s) Sullivan, Michael, Marcia Egan and Michael Gooch
Title Conjoint interventions for adult victims of domestic violence: a program evaluation
Source Research on Social Work Practice,2004, Vol. 14, pp.163-170
Date 2004
Document type Journal article
Coverage USA
Summary The article addresses the lack of empirical research in regards to intervention programs that address the negative effects of witnessing domestic violence for children. The article provides a brief literature review on the small number of studies that do exist and goes on to provide an evaluation on an intervention program. The aim is to not only provide a further insight into intervention programs but to also address the needs of parents who are victims of domestic violence and the children that are witnesses to this violence. The study evaluates a nine-week program that is designed to address the needs of both parents and children who experience and witness domestic violence in terms of parenting skills, self-blame, coping mechanisms as well as conflict resolution skills. The findings of the study showed that combined intervention programs have potential to be effective in terms of decreasing the level of trauma and self-blame, with parents finding the program more beneficial for their children than for themselves, however according to the post tests, the study did show that feelings of stress, isolation and health issues were significantly minimised. The study concluded that further research is needed with larger samples with the inclusion of control groups in order to strengthen validity of such programs.
Keywords Conjoint intervention; adult victims; child victims; domestic violence; program evaluation
Topic Domestic violence