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Multi-perpetrator domestic violence


Author(s) Salter, Michael
Title Multi-perpetrator domestic violence
Source Trauma, Violence, & Abuse,Published online November 2013, pp1-8
Date 2013
Document type Journal article
Summary This article examines the available prevalence data and literature on multi-perpetrator domestic violence (MDV). Two groups that are particularly vulnerable to MDV are identified: girls and women partnered to members of gangs; and girls and women in particular ethnic communities. The author found that data collection on multiple perpetrators has been inconsistent and large-scale surveys on violence against women have not asked questions about multi-perpetrator violence. The challenges of responding to MDV are discussed, including promising new models of domestic-violence case management, such as the Multi-Agency Risk Assessment Conference. The two contexts of MDV are explored and points of commonality are identified, in particular the role of collective violence as affirming and perpetuating norms of masculine control and domination within groups and communities. Victims of MDV are found to present with a range of complex mental health and psychosocial problems that are intertwined with their risks of ongoing victimisation.
Keywords Domestic violence; cultural contexts; multi-perpetrator; case management
Topic Domestic violence