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Empowerment and advocacy for domestic violence victims 


Author(s) Morgan, Mandy and Leigh Coombes
Title Empowerment and advocacy for domestic violence victims
Source Social and Personality Compass,August 2013, Issue 8, pp 526-536
Date 2013
Document type Journal article
Coverage New Zealand
Summary This article discusses the theoretical concept of empowerment and its application in the social context of community collaborations that aim to protect victims from domestic violence. The research of Kasturirangan (2008) is considered in depth and in particular her theory that empowerment is a process rather than an outcome of advocacy. The importance of advocacy that supports empowerment processes taking into account differences among and between women in their access to resources and their priorities for addressing gender violence in their lives is also discussed. The resource limitations of advocacy services are recognised and the effect this can have on the advocacy services to engage in facilitating empowerment is considered. The authors also recommend that advocates recognise the multiple forms of injustice that can affect women who are victims of domestic violence and advocates need to ensure that specific women's priorities are respected and advocates do not restrict their focus to gendered oppression.
Keywords Domestic violence; advocates; empowerment; self-determination

Domestic violence;