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The court impact scale: a tool for evaluating IPV victims' experience in court

Author(s) Cattaneo, Bennett Lauren, Jessica L. Dunn and Aliya R. Chapman
Title The court impact scale: a tool for evaluating IPV victims' experience in court
Source Journal of Interpersonal Violence,2013, Vol. 28, No 5, pp. 1088-1108
Date 2013
Document type Journal article
Summary The court system plays the most pivotal role in responding to social problems. With particular focus on interpersonal violence, this article states that although the court system is designed to reduce the level of re-offending it also has an obligation to deliver therapeutic jurisprudence for those who are affected most. The article outlines the importance of victims' experiences in court as well as the lack of research in regards to determining levels of satisfaction amongst victims due to the absence of standard method guidelines. In response to this the article aimed to develop a measure in which the experience of the judicial process for victims of interpersonal violence could be captured. The researchers designed a 23 item measure which was used in qualitative interviews amongst the 157 female victims who participated. The breadth of the research was to measure levels of validation in order to see how service delivery affects victim satisfaction in the long run and the importance of procedural justice and voice.
Keywords Domestic violence; legal intervention; battered women; IPV; measurement tools.

Domestic violence