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The meditational role of relationship efficacy and resource utilization


Author(s) Raghavan, Chitra, Suzanne C. Swan, David L. Snow and Carolyn M. Mazure
Title The meditational role of relationship efficacy and resource utilization in the link between physical and psychological abuse and relationship termination
Source Violence Against Women, January 2005, Vol. 11, No. 1, pp 65-88
Date 2005
Document type Journal article
Summary This article explores the prediction of relationship status, using separate models for psychological and physical abuse, and examines particular variables that may act as potential mediators of the relationship between abuse and relationship status. A complex set of associations between childhood abuse, relationship efficacy, resource utilisation and relationship status is examined in the study. Sixty-nine participants in the study were recruited from two community health centres. Approximately half of the participants were currently in an abusive relationship and the remainder had recently terminated an abusive relationship. There were a number of significant findings in the study, such as higher levels of physical and psychological abuse and higher resource utilisation were all found to be related to separated status. It was also found that the more efficacious women felt about the relationship, the more likely they were to remain with their partner. The results also suggest that women who experienced a higher frequency of abuse sought more help than women experiencing lower frequencies of abuse.
Keywords Dom Domestic violence; efficacy; relationship status; resource utilisation.
Topic Domestic violence