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PTSD symptoms among men and women survivors of intimate partner violence

Author(s) Coker, Ann L., Rebecca Weston, Daniel L. Creson, Blair Justice and Patricia Blakeney
Title PTSD Symptoms among men and women survivors of intimate partner violence: the role of risk and protective factors
Source Violence and Victims,Dec 2005, Vol 20, No. 6, pp 625-643
Date 2005
Document type Journal article
Coverage USA
Summary This study explores the risk and protective factors associated with PTSD among men and women survivors of intimate partner violence (IPV). Data was obtained from the NVAWS population survey and 185 men and 369 women were identified as having experienced IPV. The measures in the survey included survivors' and partners' characteristics, the type of IPV, support, help-seeking and response to IPV, general health and PTSD symptom score. The proportion of women with severe PTSD symptoms was more than one and a half times higher than for men. Another key finding was that increasing PTSD symptoms scores were correlated with depressive symptom scores among IPV survivors. Three protective factors for moderate to severe PTSD symptoms were identified among male and female survivors of IPV: a higher socioeconomic status, being married and IPV desistance. A recommendation is that more efforts are made to provide emotional support to IPV survivors to reduce IPV and the mental health impact.
Keywords Intimate partner violence; IPV; depressive symptoms; posttraumatic stress disorder; resilience

Domestic violence