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NIJ's program of domestic violence research

Author(s) Auchter, Bernard and Bethany L. Backes
Title NIJ's program of domestic violence research: collaborative efforts to build knowledge guided by safety for victims and accountability of perpetrators
Source Violence Against Women, June 2013, Vol 19, No. 6, pp 713-736
Date 2013
Document type Journal article
Coverage USA
Summary This article provides an overview of the National Institute of Justice's (NIJs) Violence Against Women research and evaluation program. The program has supported over 200 studies that have the primary focus of domestic violence, examining victim, perpetrator and system issues. The studies examine issues such as the physical, emotional and financial consequences of Intimate Partner Violence; help-seeking behaviours; service delivery; criminal justice responses; and the cultural contexts of domestic violence. A number of studies have explored the frequency of stalking and its impact on victims. Evaluations of interventions for batterers are a primary focus of NIJ's studies of domestic violence perpetrators. NIJ has also had a focus on summarising and synthesising domestic violence research, with practitioners as the primary audience. The article concludes by suggesting directions for future research, such as examining the intersection of domestic violence with workplace, health, and financial security, and more research is needed into evaluation of policies and practices aimed at stalking behaviour.
Keywords Domestic violence; violence against women; intimate partner violence; research

Domestic violence; research methods