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Lifecourse experiences of intimate partner violence

Author(s) Yoshihama, Mieko, Deborah Bybee, Chic Dabby and Juliane Blazevski
Title Lifecourse experiences of intimate partner violence and help-seeking among Filipina, Indian, and Pakistani women: Implications for justice system responses
Source U.S. Department of Justice, NCJRS, October 2011
Date October 2011
Document type Research Report
Coverage San Francisco, USA
Summary For this study face-to-face interviews were conducted with 87 Filipina women and 56 Indian and Pakistani women who had experienced physical violence, sexual violence and/or stalking from an intimate partner. Respondents reported four sources of help-seeking: police, legal assistance, domestic violence (DV) shelters and non-shelter DV programs. An important finding was that the majority of respondents contacted the police first and then a DV program. This suggests that contact with police immediately following an IPV incident serves as a gateway to connecting the victim with other assistance programs. The authors propose a number of recommendations for strengthening the criminal justice responses in Asian communities, such as adopting an integrated response model and also identify high-risk or under-served groups and develop tailored intervention approaches. It is suggested that future studies are conducted to determine whether the results observed for Filipina and Indian/Pakistani women are similar or different for other groups of Asian and other under-studied community groups.
Keywords Help-seeking; IPV; Intimate Partner Violence; Asian communities; criminal justice system.
Topic Domestic violence