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​Working with fathers around domestic violence: contemporary debates

Author(s) Featherstone, Brid, and Claire Fraser
Title Working with fathers around domestic violence: contemporary debates
Source Child Abuse Review; 2012; Vol.21, Issue 4, p255-263
Date 2012
Document type Journal article
Coverage United Kingdom
Summary This article discusses the findings from a consultation with experts in the field of domestic violence in regard to contemporary practice interventions with men who are domestic violence offenders, and their roles as fathers. The consultation was developed to explore what existing perpetrators' programs were doing on fathering and to identify other initiatives that were being developed in relation to fathers and domestic violence. A number of concerns were identified including the tendency for children's services to refer violent fathers to local programs that had not always been assessed as suitable, and the need for evidence of long-term effectiveness in relation to engaging men as fathers. Programs were found to fall into two categories: services where men were constructed primarily as perpetrators of domestic violence and within that context offered inputs on fathering; and programs that constructed men primarily as fathers and considered domestic violence within that frame.
Keywords Domestic violence; perpetrator programs; fathering; interventions.
Topic Domestic violence