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Propensity to report intimate partner violence

Author(s) Signal, Tania and Nicola Taylor
Title Propensity to report intimate partner violence in Australia: Community demographics
Source Behavior and Social Issues, 2008, Vol.17, No. 1, pp8-19
Date 2008
Document type Journal article
Coverage Queensland, Australia
Summary The aims of this study were to measure general community willingness to report Intimate Partner Violence (IPV) in Queensland, Australia, and to determine the demographic characteristics associated with a willingness to report IPV. The study formed part of the 2005 Central Queensland Survey, and 1208 cases were considered relevant for the study. It was found that half of the respondents indicated that they would definitely report an IPV incident, and 20% stated that they would be unlikely to report an incident. The authors suggest that current awareness campaigns about domestic violence are not working effectively. One of the significant findings of the study was regarding whom participants would report to. Although the majority suggested they would report to the police, nearly 10% did not know who to report to. Further analyses showed that those who indicated that they did not know who to report to were also significantly less likely to report overall.
Keywords Intimate partner violence; IPV; family violence; reporting; community
Topic Domestic violence