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​Conceptualizing acts and behaviours that comprise intimate partner violence: a concept map

Author(s) O'Campo, Patricia, Janet Smylie, Anita Minh, Mairi Omand and Ajitha Cyriac
Title Conceptualizing acts and behaviours that comprise intimate partner violence: a concept map
Source Health Expectations, December 2014, Vol. 18, No. 4, pp. 1968-1981
Date 2014
Document type Journal article
Summary The aim of this study was to use concept mapping to fill in some of the gaps in the literature on how women and men from diverse ethnic backgrounds conceptualise the behavioural aspects of intimate partner violence (IPV). Sixty-seven participants in the study completed a survey that collected background demographic information and then they participated in brainstorming sessions. The seventy one brainstormed items were sorted into seven clusters, which were compared to the domains of commonly used instruments for measuring IPV and it was found that participants in this study identified concepts and domains that went beyond what was typically included in existing measures. For example, external and cultural influences, victim response to abuse and social and emotional manipulation, were some of the domains that participants rated as important contributors to IPV. Limitations of the study are discussed, including the use of a convenience sample and only a small sample of men.
Keywords Concept mapping; partner violence; IPV; measurement
Topic Domestic violence