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Intimate partner violence: new directions

Author(s) McHugh, Maureen C. and Irene Hanson Frieze
Title Intimate partner violence: new directions
Source Annals New York Academy of Sciences, Nov 2006, Vol. 1087, pp 121-141
Date 2006
Document type Journal article
Summary The article reviews various forms of intimate partner violence and argues for viewing intimate violence in a sociocultural context as different victims are being identified. The article discusses the development of partner violence and how it has been reconceptualised over time. The findings of the report challenge previous definitions of partner violence and state the need for new vocabulary as women are now known to be perpetrators as well as victims and also discusses the new forms of relationships and the violence that occurs within them. The study further argues that it is essential for future research to incorporate and further develop the more complex constructions of gender in order to distinguish between the different forms of intimate partner violence as it is greatly influences the way intimate partner violence is measured.
Keywords Intimate partner violence; domestic violence; women; batterer
Topic Domestic violence