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The health care costs of violence against women

Author(s) Kruse, Marie, Jan Sørensen, Henrik Brønnum-Hansen and Karin Helweg-Larsen
Title The health care costs of violence against women 
Source Journal of Interpersonal Violence, Vol. 26, No. 17, pp 3494-3508
Date  2011
Document type Journal
Coverage Denmark
Summary The researchers set out to estimate the health care costs of women subject to domestic violence in Denmark, as compared to women not subject to domestic violence.  They used a sample of women identified as victims of domestic violence and calculated their actual health care costs, also taking into account factors including the prevalence of the violence, age and socioeconomic status, and referenced this information against a population of non-victims.  The article contends that generally, with the exception of those with 'previous psychiatric contacts,' women who are victims of domestic violence incur significantly higher health care costs each year than women who are not victims of domestic violence.
Keywords Domestic violence; interpersonal violence; partner; health care;
Topic Domestic Violence