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​Family justice centres: A model for empowerment?

Author(s) Hoyle, Carolyn and Nicole Palmer
Title Family justice centres: A model for empowerment?
Source International Review of Victimology, May 2014, Vol. 20, No 2, pp191-210
Date 2014
Document type Journal article
CoverageUnited Kingdom
SummaryThis is the first study of a family justice centre (FJC) in the United Kingdom and the authors  examine if the co-location and cooperation of services to victims has the potential to empower victims of domestic violence to make informed choices about their futures. A Family Justice Centre was established in the London Borough of Croydon in 2005, bringing together 33 agencies under one roof, including police, solicitors, housing, counsellors, crisis helpline workers, probation, and social work to provide a flexible way to meet the varied needs of intimate partner violence. The authors conclude that there are obvious benefits to co-located working, such as victims not needing to travel from place to place and telling their story over and over again. It was found that the FJC seemed to provide individualised support without pressuring clients into particular courses of action. The women interviewed described their experiences of being supported as personally enabling and this view was supported by the the service providers.
Keywords Domestic abuse; intimate partner violence; collaboration; one stop shop; empowerment
Topic Domestic violence