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From victim safety to victim engagement

Author(s) Gamache, Denise
Title From victim safety to victim engagement: comments on "the impact of victim-focused outreach on criminal legal system outcomes following police-reported intimate partner abuse"
Source Violence Against Women, Aug 2012, Vol.18, No. 8, pp. 882-888
Date 2012
Document type Journal article
Summary The article focuses on coordinated community responses to domestic violence cases. The article raises concerns for protected women who had been abused by their partner once they leave shelters and returned back home or move to a new residence and draws particular focus on the Domestic Abuse Intervention Project (DAIP) in Duluth MN and the Domestic Violence Coordinated Triage Intervention Project as examples of multiagency approaches that increased the promotion of victim safety as well as victim engagement. The goal of the Domestic Violence Coordinated Triage Intervention Project wa to implement a victim-focused outreach program where a community-based advocate would contact a victim by pho​ne regardless of the case proceeding to a prosecution. The author concludes that it is essential for victims to make their own decisions about continued involvement throughout the case.
Keywords Coordinated community response; criminal justice; domestic violence; victim advocacy; victim outreach
Topic Domestic Violence