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Domestic violence and crime victim compensation

Author(s) Danis, Fran S 
Title Domestic violence and crime victim compensation 
Source Violence Against Women 9.3 (2003): 374-390. Expanded Academic ASAP. Web. 10 Feb. 2010 
Date 2010
Document type Journal article
Summary This article discusses the use of compensation programs by victims of domestic violence. The author explores how many victims of domestic violence receive awards through victims' assistance (VA) and how many receive reimbursement for crime related expenses (CVC). The data in the annual reports of the state VA and CVC was analysed and although it was not expected that every domestic violence victim would apply for and receive CVC funds, it was significantly underserved. The author proposes that a comprehensive research agenda needs to be developed to examine barriers preventing victims from submitting eligible claims. It is also recommended that there be research into the benefits to domestic violence victims of receiving compensation. 
Keywords Domestic violence; restitution; barriers 
Topic Domestic Violence; Restitution