Inclusive domestic violence standards: strategies to improve interventions for women with disabilities?


Author(s) Healey, Lucy, Cathy Humphreys and Keran Howe
Title Inclusive domestic violence standards: Strategies to improve interventions for women with disabilities?
Source Violence and Victims,2013, Vol. 28, No., pp 50-68
Date 2013
Document type Journal article
Coverage Victoria, Australia
Summary In this article the authors use a matrix tool to identify minimum standards needed to support the inclusion of women with disabilities within existing domestic violence sector standards. Eight domestic violence codes, standards and guidelines currently in use in Victoria were identified and analysed. It was found that there were major gaps in knowledge, policy and practice that will need significant resourcing to improve services to women with disabilities. For example, only one document that was analysed acknowledged disability as a risk factor increasing the likelihood of experiencing domestic violence. It was also found that only one of the documents indicated that data about a client's disability status was to be collected and no document required the collection of data about the clients' support needs. The authors identify a number of areas for future research and advocacy.
Keywords Disability; domestic violence; intimate partner violence; standards; codes of practice; service delivery
Topic Disability