Building the evidence

Author(s) Healey, Lucy, Keran Howe, Cathy Humphreys, Chris Jennings and Felicity Julian
Title Building the evidence
Source Victorian Women with Disabilities Advocacy Information Service,July 2008, pp 1-136
Date 2008
Document type Research report
Coverage Victoria, Australia
Summary This comprehensive report examines the status of policy and practice in responding to violence against women with disabilities in Victoria. Recommendations to improve the service delivery, are made across a number areas, including more cross-collaboration and capacity building supported by the government, and the development of accessible information in all services. Better data collection is also needed and specifically it is recommended that key agencies, such as courts, police and the Supported Accommodation Assistance Program (SAAP) review and improved their data collection processes, through revised intake questions and uniform measures. It is further recommended that the standards, codes and guidelines within the family violence sector be revised to include guidelines about supporting women and children with disabilities. Workforce development, including appropriate training, is also discussed. 
Keywords Disabilities; service delivery; family violence; domestic violence
Topic Disability; service delivery