Crime victims with developmental disabilities 


Author(s) Petersilia, Joan R.
Title Crime victims with developmental disabilities
Source Criminal Justice and Behavior,December 2001, Vol 28, Issue. 6, pp 655-694
Date 2001
Document type Journal article
Summary In this review essay the author explores the issues relating to crime victims with disabilities. In the first section the author examines the literature to ascertain the extent of victimisation against people with developmental disabilities and the nature of the crimes. The limitations of studies are discussed and the barriers to obtaining data, such as the lack of systematic collection at the local, state or national levels of information on crime victimisation of people with disabilities. The author explores the reasons why victimisation rates of people with disabilities is disproportionate to the general population, including their vulnerability, access to resources and dependency on others. The author examines victimisation of people with disabilities using the routine activities or lifestyle model of victimisation and also the multifactorial model of violence. The response to victims with disabilities by criminal justice system agencies is discussed, together with available assistance to recover from psychological trauma. One of the recommendations is improving intake forms and police reports to better understand the extent of the victimisation of people with disabilities. A further recommendation is the development and evaluation of programs to prevent victimisation and assist those who have been victimised.
Keywords Disability; victimisation; developmental disability; criminal justice system
Topic Disability