​Who cares if it is a hate crime?

Author(s) Hein, Laura C & Kathleen M. Scharer
Title Who cares if it is a hate crime? Lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender hate crimes- mental health implications and interventions
Source Perspectives in Psychiatric Care, 2013, Vol.49, Issue 2; pp84-93
Date 2013
Document type Research paper
Coverage USA
Summary The research paper discusses hate crime victimisation where lesbians, gays, bisexuals and transgender are targeted; the unique circumstances of the crime; and the mental health consequences that arise from such acts. The authors go on to discuss the interventions that could be implemented in nursing and healthcare, as they are more than often the first point of contact for victim of LGBT hate crimes. The paper explores hate crimes towards LGBT as being more dangerous than any other type of hate crime and having long lasting detrimental effects on the mental and physical well-being of the victims.  The authors state that with further research and a better understanding of the circumstances and experiences of LGBT hate crimes, nurses and other health practitioners will be better able to provide appropriate treatment.
Keywords Hate crime, LGBT, Mental health, survivor, victim