​Persons with developmental disability exposed to interpersonal violence and crime

Author(s) Focht-New, Ginny, Beth Barol, Paul T. Clements, and Tammi F. Milliken
Title Persons with developmental disability exposed to interpersonal violence and crime: approaches for intervention
Source Perspectives in Psychiatric Care; April 2008; Vol.44, No.2, pp89-98
Date 2008
Document type Journal article
Coverage USA
Summary In this paper the authors explore the needs of persons with developmental disabilities (DD) who have experienced interpersonal violence. It is recommended that effective intervention strategies for persons of DD would be built around enhancing their abilities to control ingrained and instinctual responses while dealing with their home and work environments. The role of the advanced practice registered nurse (APRN) in providing treatment is discussed and the need to have the client's cooperation in developing a care plan, and working with all the people who support the person is emphasised. Using a biographical timeline, and developing supportive interventions and a socially therapeutic environment is also discussed. A case study is included to show how the proposed care would work in practice.
Keywords Developmental disabilities; mental health intervention; psychiatric nurses; trauma; interventions.
Topic Disability