Criminal victim compensation: A profile of claims, claimants and awards

Author(s)Salmelainen, Pia
Title Criminal victim compensation: A profile of claims; claimants and awards
Source BOCSAR NSW Legislative Evaluation Series, 1993, I-vii, 1-40
Date 1993
Document type Research report
Coverage NSW, Australia
Summary This review of the NSW Victim Compensation Scheme was conducted by the NSW Bureau of Crime Statistics and Research to assist the government in ascertaining if the scheme was achieving its goals. A legislative background is provided, followed by an overview of the Victims Compensation Tribunal. The data for the study was extracted from case files of claims of compensation held at the Victims Compensation Tribunal. The results included analyses of the characteristics of the victims applying for compensation, such as type of victim, their age and occupation. The characteristics of the claims were also analysed, including the type of offences, location of offences and the time taken to lodge a claim. The report also analysed the awards given including the type and amount of award
Keywords Victims compensation; claimants; awards; objectives