Victims' wishes for compensation; The immaterial aspect

Author(s)Malsch, Marijke and Carnere, Raphaela
Title Victims' wishes for compensation; The immaterial aspect
Source Journal of Criminal Justice, Vol 27, Issue 3, 6 May 1999, p239-247
Date 1999
Document type Journal article
Coverage The Netherlands
Summary The article provides an overview of some of the general expectations crime victims have, both from their family and friends, and from the criminal justice system. Compensation in the Dutch criminal law system is examined, where victims can obtain compensation through civil law procedures, the joining procedure, the compensation order, mediation, and out-of-court settlement. The authors also discuss the functions that compensation of immaterial damages fulfils for victims such as restoring the victim's trust in the legal system. Further research is suggested regarding the effects of direct confrontations as well as the relationship between the goals of punishment and the desire for compensation of immaterial damages.
Keywords Compensation; Netherlands; Dutch; Procedural Justice Theory; immaterial damages