Prioritising victims to provide reparations: relevant experiences

Author(s)Limon, Paula and Julia von Normann
Title Prioritising victims to provide reparations: relevant experiences
Source ETJN, Reparations Unit Briefing Paper No 3, August 2011
Date 2011
Document type Briefing paper
Coverage International
Summary This briefing paper is one of a series of six briefing papers on reparations prepared by the Reparations Unit of the Essex Transitional Justice Network to support the work of the International Criminal Court. This paper examines criteria used to prioritise reparations to victims at a domestic and international level. A number of sample reparation programs from around the world are discussed and it is shown that reparation programs use different criteria to prioritise awards of reparations. The main criteria used are prioritisation according to the personal condition of the applicant, prioritisation according to the crime and prioritisation of particular groups of victims. The authors also analyse the principles developed and applied by the European Court of Human Rights and the Inter-America Court of Human Rights and how these Courts have employed their criteria. An extensive bibliography is included for reference.
Keywords Reparations; priorities; international court; principles of reparations.