Estimating the intangible victim costs of violent crime

Author(s)Dolan, Paul, Loomes, Graham, Peasgood and Tessa, Tsuchiya
Title Estimating the intangible victim costs of violent crime
Source The British Journal of Criminology London. Nov 2005 Vol 45 iss 6, pg 958
Date 2005
Document type Journal article
Coverage United Kingdom
Summary This paper examines the intangible costs of crime, which are divided into realised costs, such as pain and suffering from the act of violence and anticipatory costs, relating to the fear of crime. The paper discusses different methods that can be used to provide defensible costs estimates with a focus on the realised costs of violence against the person, such as assault and robbery. Included in the examination are the approaches used by economists to value ill health and death, such as quality adjusted life years (QALYs). The authors hope that there will be a strengthening of the methodology used to measure intangible costs, that will lead to improved data. It is suggested that regardless of the approach used to calculate the intangible costs of crime, these estimates are needed for better information about the long-term physical and psychological consequences of being a victim of crime.
Keywords Victim costs; intangible costs crime; cost estimates; quality adjusted life years; QALYs