Victim compensation and domestic violence: a national overview

Author(s)Barrett Meyering, Isobelle
Title Victim compensation and domestic violence: a national overview
Source Stakeholder Paper 8, Australian Domestic and Family Violence Clearinghouse, Sydney, January 2010.
Date 2010
Document type Research report
Coverage Australia
Summary This paper examines the provision of compensation to victims of domestic violence in Australia, focusing on the legislative requirements rather than the implementation of each scheme. A comparative study was conducted of the relevant legislation in the eight Australian states and territories as well as an extensive literature review. The paper discusses the possible benefits in general of compensation and specific benefits that may apply to domestic violence victims in accessing compensation. Barriers faced by domestic violence victims are examined in detail, such as reporting and conviction requirements, relationship clauses and time limitations. The offender's involvement in the compensation process and the victim's safety are discussed. Further areas for research are identified, such as the practical application of the compensation legislation and in-depth qualitative research focusing on the experiences of women who have accessed compensation.
Keywords Victim compensation; Australian states; women; domestic violence

Compensation; domestic violence.