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​Recognition, reconnection, and renewal: The meaning of money to sexual assault survivors

Author(s) Holder, Robyn L. and Kathleen Daly
Title Recognition, reconnection, and renewal: The meaning of money to sexual assault survivors
Source International Review of Victimology, online 15 Nov 2017, p1-22
Date 2017
Document type Journal article
Coverage Queensland, Australia
Summary This study explores how money Is viewed by survivors of sexual assault in Queensland who receive financial assistance from the government. Interviews were conducted with 20 female and male victims of sexual violence in order to understand the motives for applying for financial assistance; the meaning of money for them; whether the amount of money received mattered; and what was the place of receiving money in their lives. When asked how they spent the money, the responses fell into three categories. The first category was practical assistance or reconnecting with ordinary life, and 13 victims nominated this response when asked how they spent the money. The second category of responses was concerned with self-renewal and the third was savings, Seven victims named either the second or third category. Implications for results from this study are discussed, including the need for all schemes, whether financial assistance or criminal injuries compensation to adopt a wider and longer-term understanding of the types of expenses that can assist in recovery for survivors.
Keywords Sexual victimisation; money, recognition, justice, recovery, compensation
Topic Compensation