Evaluation of a sexual abuse prevention education for Chinese pre-schoolers                



Author(s)Zhang, Wenjing. Jingqi Chen, Yanan Feng, Jingyi Li, Chengfeng Liu and Xiaoxia Zhao
Title Evaluation of a sexual abuse prevention education for Chinese pre-schoolers
Source Research on Social Work Practice,2014, Vol. 24, No.4, pp. 428-436
Date 2014
Document type Journal Article
Coverage China

The study aims to evaluate the effectiveness of Western style sexual abuse prevention education within Chinese preschools in order to examine whether Chinese pre-schoolers would benefit from the behaviour oriented prevention program. The study consisted of 150 preschool children who were randomly assigned to either an intervention group or a control group. Once the program had been rolled out, all children were tested on sexual abuse prevention knowledge and self-protection skills. The results showed that the children who were assigned to the child sexual prevention education program displayed greater knowledge about sexual abuse prevention and had a higher level of self-protection skills than children who were in the control group. It was therefore suggested that Chinese preschool programs could benefit from adopting a Western styled approach to sexual abuse prevention programs.

Keywords Child sexual abuse; prevention; evaluation; China