Childhood physical abuse and suicide-related behavior: a systematic review                

Author(s)Mironova, Polina, Anne E. Rhodes, Jennifer M. Bethell, Lil Tonmyr, Michael H. Boyle, Christine Wekerle, Deborah Goodman and Bruce Leslie
Title Childhood physical abuse and suicide-related behavior: a systematic review
Source Vulnerable Children and Youth Studies,March 2011, Vol. 6, No.1, pp1-7
Date 2011
Document type Journal article

In this article the authors conduct a systematic review of school or population-based studies reporting empirical results on the association between childhood physical abuse (CPA) and suicide-related behaviour (SRB). Perpetrators were restricted to either family members or a parent/guardian figure, or an adult at home. Three cross-sectional studies were selected for review, and two longitudinal studies. Despite methodological variations, CPA was found to be associated with SRB in each study. A number of limitations to the review are discussed, such as the number of studies that were excluded because of unknown information about the perpetrator and the small number of studies included in the review. The authors conclude that it remains unclear whether the CPA-SRB association is causal but state that an association with suicide attempt(s) persisted after controls for CSA and other factors. The authors suggest further research using studies with refined design and methods.

Keywords Child abuse; suicide; suicidal behaviour; childhood