Children as victims of violence                

Author(s)Lewit, Eugene M. and Linda Schuurmann Baker
Title Children as victims of violence
Source The future of children, the Juvenile Court, 1996,Vol. 6, No. 3 , pp.147-156
Date 1996
Document type Journal Article

The article defines child victims of crime and discusses the types of victimisations that children are most susceptible to. The study reviews data on key findings relating to child victims in homicide, personal crimes of violence, bullying, sibling aggression and family violence. The data presented distinguishes between age groups and discusses the difficulty in measuring child victimisation as it is most common for children to be victimised by their family, whom they are dependent on. The study further emphasises on the need to raise public awareness of the issue and work towards eliminating the trend of the increasing level of child victims.

Keywords Child victims; child indicators ; homicide; crime rates