Children's exposure to domestic violence in Australia 

Author(s)Richards, Kelly
Title Children's exposure to domestic violence in Australia
Source Trends & Issues in crime and criminal justice, June 2011, No. 419, pp 1-7
Date 2011
Document type Journal article
Summary In this article the author reviews the literature regarding the prevalence, and the effects, of children's exposure to domestic violence. The limitations of available data are discussed including the lack of collection by police and the under-reporting of domestic violence incidents. Another challenge is separating those children directly suffering abuse from those exposed to domestic violence. Research has identified a broad range of effects that children exposed to violence may experience, such as psychological and behavioural impacts, health and socioeconomic impacts, and inter-generational transmission of violence. The issues relating to mandatory reporting are also discussed, such as the limited categories of mandatory reporters, lack of awareness about the effects of exposure to violence preventing reports being made and the capacity to 'blame' the female victim of domestic violence for 'allowing' her children to be exposed to that violence. The author concludes by examining strategies to assist these children.
Keywords Domestic violence; witnesses; secondary victims; children; child abuse; mandatory reporting; family violence.

Children; domestic violence.