Intimate partner violence: What are the impacts on children?

Author(s)Bedi, Gillinder and Goddard, Chris
Title Intimate partner violence: What are the impacts on children?
Source Australian Psychologists, March 2007, Vol 1, Issue 42, pp 66-77.
Date 2007
Document type Journal article
Summary In this article the authors present an overview of findings on the effects on children living with Intimate Partner Violence (IPV). Consideration is given to psychological effects, learning difficulties, behavioural issues, and a range of other difficulties these children may be at risk of experiencing. The authors discuss the research on mediating factors that may affect the extent of the disturbance experienced, including gender, age, and social support. The second part of the article considers conceptual and methodological issues and a number of questions are posed, such as why are children living with IPV at a greater risk for targeted child abuse and how can the effects of targeted child abuse be separated from those of living with IPV. Directions for further research are suggested, including an examination of situational risk characteristics.
Keywords Domestic violence; IPV; Intimate partner violence; secondary victims; child abuse.
Topic Children; domestic violence.