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Facilitating testimony for child victims and witnesses

Author(s)Northcott, Melissa
Title Facilitating testimony for child victims and witnesses
Source Crime Research Digest issue No.2, 2009, Department of Justice, Canada
Date 2009
Document type Research report
Coverage Edmonton and Toronto, Canada
Summary This study reviewed the amendments to Canadian legislation regarding the use of aids to assist testimony given by children and vulnerable adults. These aids include CCTV, witness screens and support persons and the appointment of a lawyer to conduct the cross-examination when the accused was self-represented. Data on children's e​xperiences as witnesses was collected from the Toronto and Edmonton courts. As there were missing values in some cases the author cautions about using these results to generalise to all children giving evidence in Canada courts but there were some valuable insights learned from the study. One of the findings was that although many children and youth coped well with the experience of testifying there were some children displaying behaviour that showed their unease during the experience.
Keywords Child victims; youth; witnesses,

Children; Service delivery