The use of police cautions and youth justice conferences in NSW in 2010                

Author(s) Moore, Elizabeth 


The Use of Police Cautions and Youth Justice Conferences in NSW in 2010 


Crime and Justice Statistics Bureau Brief, Issue Paper 73, December 2011 BOCSAR  



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Coverage Australia (NSW)


The introduction of the Young Offenders Act 1997 in NSW was intended to divert young people between the ages of 10 and 17 years away from court by formally guiding police in the hierarchical use of warnings, cautions and youth justice conferencing.   Some more serious and repeat offences are excluded from the diversionary provisions of the legislation, but little is known about young people that may have received multiple police cautions and participated in multiple youth justice conferences.  

Statistics drawn from the NSW Re-Offending Database for 2010 were examined in an attempt to ascertain whether the Young Offender's Act is being appropriately applied in relation to the nature of the offences being diverted and the hierarchical approach to police intervention..


Children; youth; young people; restorative justice; conferencing; cautions