​Children’s testimony and the emotional victim effect

Author(s) Landstrom, Sara, Ask, Karl, Sommar, Charlotte, and Rebecca Willen
Title Children's testimony and the emotional victim effect
Source Legal and Criminological Psychology, December 2013, Vol.20, p365-383
Date 2013
Document type Journal article
Coverage Britain
Summary This article discusses two experiments which were conducted to determine if: the effects of emotional expression during child victim's testimony; and the angle of the camera capturing the testimony, had an effect on perceived credibility of the child victim. In the experiments, participants were asked to watch a video of a testimony provided by a child in either an emotional or neutral manner in one of two different camera angles, one of which had equal focus on the child and interviewer and the other with a larger view of the child, and then rate their perception of the testimony. It was found that participants rated the testimony as more credible and truthful when the child presented in an emotional manner as opposed to a neutral manner. However, it was found that there was not a significant difference in perceived credibility and truthfulness between two different camera perspectives used in the experiment.
Keywords Child witness; credibility; emotions; camera perspective
Topic Criminal Justice System; Children