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​'But she didn’t say no’: an exploration of sibling sexual abuse

Author(s) McVeigh, Mary Jo
Title 'But she didn't say no': an exploration of sibling sexual abuse
Source Australian Social Work, Vol. 56, No. 2, pp. 116-126, June 2003
Date 2003
Document type Journal article
Coverage Australia
Summary The article explores the various dynamics involved in sibling sexual abuse and the impact it has on all the people involved as well as the challenges that are faced in relation to treatment and acknowledgment. Some of the dynamics considered are power dynamics, secrecy, extended duration and family context. The author states that sibling sexual abuse is often misinterpreted as actions carried out amongst siblings that are common throughout development, quite often seen through such games as "show me yours, I'll show you mine'. The article then goes to examine the implications of sibling sexual abuse for professional practice, primarily focusing on professional intervention and treatment. The importance of a systems approach from agencies with ongoing support for the family is emphasised. The author concludes with the hope that statutory authorities are more inclined to take sibling sexual abuse more seriously.
Keywords Case management; dynamics; impact; sibling sexual abuse.
Topic Children; sexual assault