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Community beliefs and misconceptions about male sexual assault


Author(s)Duncanson, Kirsty
Title Community beliefs and misconceptions about male sexual assault
Source Australian Institute of Family Studies, Australian Centre for the Study of Sexual Assault,published online December 2013, pp 1-3
Date 2013
Document type Resource sheet
Coverage Australia

Although there has been an increase in awareness of male sexual assault in recent years, there are common beliefs, misconceptions and assumptions within the community about men, masculinity, sexuality and sexual assault which act as barriers when it comes to male victims/survivors seeking support and gaining recognition. Duncanson discusses three of the main misconceptions and stereotypes' that exist within the community, the impact it has on the victim and society and the impact it has on under-reporting as well as providing further research and statistics that dismiss these misconceptions.

Keywords Male victims; masculinity; sexual assault; societal views; male victim challenges

Male victims; sexual assault