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Male stranger rape: A behavioral model of victim-offender interaction

Author(s)Lundrigan, Samantha and Katrin Mueller-Johnson
Title Male stranger rape: A behavioural model of victim-offender interaction
Source Criminal Justice and Behavior, July 2013, Vol. 40, No. 7, pp763-783
Date 2013
Document type Journal article
Coverage United Kingdom
Summary This study examined the behavioural structure of male stranger rape with the aim of developing a model of offender-victim interaction specific to this type of sexual assault. Data was obtained from the Serious Crime Analysis Section of the Serious Organized Crime Agency in the United Kingdom, of rapes that involved a lone male offender aged over 16 years; male victims aged over 16 years and a stranger relationship between them. A total of 209 cases were reviewed. The results show behaviours present in male stranger rape and the frequency in which they occur. The authors' original hypothesis suggested that male rape would be characterised by hostile modes of interaction, but the findings suggest that regardless of victim gender, hostility and involvement are central components of stranger, adult sexual assault. However important differences between male and female stranger rape behaviours were found and the involvement exploit style of offending appeared to represent a unique set of behavioural actions not previously found for female rape offences. The authors suggest that this behavioural style combines elements of criminality, control, and involvement bringing together an exploitative interaction between offender and victim.
Keywords Male sexual assault; stranger male rape; multidimensional scaling; interpersonal interaction

Sexual assault