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Male victims


Against the wind: male victimization and the ideal of manliness
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Examining gender differences in the nature and context of intimate partner violence 
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Epidemiological characteristics of male sexual assault in a criminological database
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Patterns of male victimization in intimate relationships: a pilot comparison of academic and media reports
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Accounting for intimate partner violence: a biographical analysis of narrative strategies used by men experiencing IPV from their female partners
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Community beliefs and misconceptions about male sexual assault
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Men as victims: “victim” identities, gay identities, and masculinities
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Male victims of adult sexual assault: A descriptive study of survivors’ use of sexual assault treatment services
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“I’m not a victim, she’s an abuser”: masculinity, victimization, and protection orders
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Improving policy and practice responses for men sexually abused in childhood
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The feminization of social welfare: implications of cultural tradition vis-à-vis male victims of domestic violence
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The emotional male victim: effects of presentation mode on judged credibility
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He hits, she hits
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Women’s use of force
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Men as victims of domestic violence
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Does violence affect one gender more than the other? The mental health impact of violence among male and female university students
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Gender differences in depression and anxiety among victims of intimate partner violence: The moderating effect of shame proneness
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Myths about male rape: a literature review
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The effect of gender and perpetrator-victim role on mental health outcomes and risk behaviors associated with intimate partner violence 
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Identifying potential challenges to providing emergency advocacy services to male victims of intimate partner violence
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