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​The emotional male victim: effects of presentation mode on judged credibility

Author(s) Landstrom, Sara, Karl Ask, and Charlotte Sommar
Title The e​motional male victim: effects of presentation mode on judged credibility
Source Scandinavian Journal of Psychology, February 2015, Vol 56, No. 1, pp 99-104
Date 2015
Document type Journal article
Coverage Sweden
Summary This study explores whether emotional victim effect (EVE) is relevant to male victims. Previous research has shown that female victims who display negative emotions such as agitation and sadness when testifying tend to be perceived as more credible than victims who appear neutral or controlled. Eighty-one law students from a Swedish university participated in the study and were shown live and recorded stimuli material and asked whether they believed the complainant had been assaulted and how confident they were in their judgement.  The results from the study failed to support the relevance of EVE to male victims but it did find that the live presentation mode resulted in a higher credibility ra​ting than did the video mode. Limitations of the study were examined, including the type of offence chosen, that is physical assault compared to previous studies concentrating on sexual assault, and the limitations of using one actor.
Keywords Emotional victim effect; EVE; credibility; emotions; gender; video evidence
Topic Male victims