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Recent Publications   

The coronial investigation of suspected deaths: Prevalence and outcomes in New South Wales
Dartnall, Stephanie and Jane Goodman-Delahunty; Journal of Law and Medicine, March 2016, Vol. 23, pp. 609-627; Keywords: Coroner; inquests; suspicious death; missing persons

Returning to work after armed robbery in the workplace
Fuller, Georgina; Trends & Issues in crime and criminal justice; Australian Institute of Criminology; March 2017; No. 529; pp 1-13; Research report; Keywords: Armed robbery; psychological impact; DoVE; victimisation; rehabilitation

Recognition, reconnection, and renewal: The meaning of money to sexual assault survivors
Holder, Robyn L. and Kathleen Daly; International Review of Victimology, online 15 Nov 2017, p1-22; Journal article: Keywords: Sexual victimisation; money, recognition, justice, recovery, compensation

“Maybe she was provoked”: Exploring stereotypes about male and female perpetrators of intimate partner violence
Scarduzio, Jennifer A., Kellie E. Carlyle, Kate Lockwood Harris, and Matthew W. Savage; Violence Against Women, published online before print March 2016, pp 1-25; Journal article; Keywords: Intimate partner violence; gender symmetry; coercive control; stereotypes; situational couple violence; intimate terrorism; power and control

Family violence, alcohol consumption and the likelihood of criminal offences
Sutherland, Paul, Cleave McDonald, and Melanie Millsteed; Research Paper; In Brief, No. 7, December 2016, p1-16, Crime Statistics Agency, Melbourne; Keywords: Domestic violence; family violence; alcohol consumption; risk factors; criminal offending; arrests; charges.

Children’s exposure to violence: the underlying effect of posttraumatic stress symptoms on behavior problems
Yoon, Susan, Stacey Steigerwald, Megan R. Holmes, and Adam T. Perzynski; Journal of Traumatic Stress, online before print Jan 2016, p1-8; Keywords: Posttraumatic stress; witnessing violence; exposure; behaviour; treatment