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​Whom do migrant home care workers contact in the case of work-related abuse?

Author(s) Green, Ohad and Liat Ayalon
Title Whom do migrant home care workers contact in the case of work-related abuse? An exploratory study of help-seeking behaviors
Source Journal of Interpersonal Violence; Online before print 18 May 2015, p 1-21
Date 2015
Document type Journal article
Summary This study explores help-seeking behaviours of migrant home care workers who experienced work-related abuse. Participants in the study were 187 Filipino home care workers living in Israel who completed a self-administered questionnaire. The results showed that abuse within the workplace was high, with 102 participants reporting exposure to abuse and only 40% of those who reported abuse had ever reported it formally or informally. Most of the reports were made to family and friends and none of the participants reported to police. Participants gave multiple reasons for not reporting abuse including the decision that it was a private matter; it takes too much time and effort to report; fear that it would get worse; and shame. The authors discuss reasons underlying the not reporting and suggest isolation, language barriers and cultural background could be factors. Recommendations are made for assisting abused migrant workers to report to authorities, such as training health care workers to be the gatekeeper in the situation.
Keywords Migrant workers; abuse; reporting behaviour; help-seeking; workplace violence
Topic Multicultural