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Supporting women from CALD backgrounds who are victims/survivors of sexual violence
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Cultural diversity and the mistreatment of older people in black and minority ethnic communities: some implications for service provision
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Domestic violence against migrant women in South Korea: addressing the needs of a uniquely situated victim population in domestic violence policy
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Immigrants as victims of crime and criminal justice discourse in Australia
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The construction of race and crime in Canadian print media: A 30-year analysis
Collins, Rachael E.; Criminology and Criminal Justice, Published online before print February 2013, pp1-23; Keywords: Media; fear of crime; bias; race; language

Battered at home, played down in policy: Migrant women and domestic violence in Australia
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Whom do migrant home care workers contact in the case of work-related abuse? An exploratory study of help-seeking behaviors
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Domestic violence within refugee families: intersecting patriarchal culture and the refugee experience
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Indian students in Australia: victims of crime, racism or the media?
Spolc, Peter and Murray Lee;20th ISANA International Education Conference, Canberra, ACT, 1 - 4 December 2009; Conference paper; Keywords: Victimisation, student, Indian, ethnicity, race, racism, media

Involving the health care system in domestic violence: what women want
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Are immigrants more likely than native-born Americans to perpetrate intimate partner violence?
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Lifecourse experiences of intimate partner violence and help-seeking among Filipina, Indian, and Pakistani women: Implications for justice system responses
Yoshihama, Mieko, Deborah Bybee, Chic Dabby and Juliane Blazevski; U.S. Department of Justice, NCJRS, October 2011; Research Report; Keywords: Help-seeking; IPV; Intimate Partner Violence;  Asian communities; criminal justice system​